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5 Golden Nutrition Rules

Not many people know how to keep up with a healthy and nutritious diet in daily life. Sometimes even those who find it exciting to preach to other people how to develop a sense of motivation and inspiration for eating healthy food, often lose their own nutritional motivation. So here are some small secrets which will let you know how to carry out vital nutrition and build self-control which will help you to lead a satisfying and healthy life.

If you are obsessed with food, and can’t control your desire for eating that foodstuff (without even considering that it is either healthy or dangerous to you), don’t worry because you are not alone.

Eventually, every one of us develops some kind of urge for food, to be more particular – unhealthy food, and also falls prey to them most of the times. The habits which you develop matter a lot.

Thus, here is a brief list of 5 golden rules which you must follow to live a healthy life and develop the habits which can leave an enhancing effect on your diet. These rules are quite convenient so that anyone can adopt them easily. Let’s take a quick overview of the golden secrets of a healthy life.

1. The-half-plate-to-eat rule

The contents which can be found on your plate while eating matter a lot when it comes to your nutritional habits. Make it a habit of filling half of your plate with vegetables and fruits while the remaining half is further divided into two parts. The quarter part of plate should consist of healthy carbs and the remaining quarter portion should be comprised of lean protein (meat, pulses, etc.)

2. Use five ingredients or less

Always check the nutritional labels given on the packaging of any product to know the ingredients which it contains. If their number is 5 or less, the food is good for you to consume.

3. Calories-to-fat deficiency

While looking at the nutritional labels on the packages, make sure to notice not only the calories but also the calories which come from fat. Check the difference between these two amounts. If you are consuming food with the difference of 100 or less, then your diet is healthy.

4. A 6-inches plate

Many people among us are taught to clean their plate before ending the meal. And if you have a plate with the size of 10 inches, you have to eat every bit of the food item which it contains. However, the optimum sized plate is 6 inches, which can be cleaned easily while consuming half the calories.

5. The forks-down rule

Put your fork or spoon down for a moment after finishing every bit of food. Give yourself some time so that you can chew the food completely and then swallow it down. The slower you eat, the better your nervous system will function. Those who eat quickly, their nervous system starts processing slowly.

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