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Meditation for Pregnancy


Pregnancy and giving birth is a miracle and a process that takes a mother through a series of emotions and experiences. Chances are, mothers in the labor will gasp in pain and contractions. The science of meditation tells us that a mother can achieve ‘Mindful Pregnancy and Child Birth’ by practicing mediation throughout the pregnancy term and during childbirth.

Mediation helps to reduce cortisol levels, or what is commonly known as stress hormones. Similarly, adrenaline is also reduced to eliminate the probability of anxiety. With reduced levels of anxiety hormones, the immune system improves; and in return, provides calmness to the mother. On the other hand, blood pressure and heart rate remain in control with reduced stress levels.

Aside from this, meditation also increases the production of endorphins, the natural pain relievers in our bodies. With such, the chances of pregnancy complications are decreased.
Mediation also helps anxious mothers to eliminate any negative thoughts and deliver happy and joyful babies.

There are various meditation techniques that a pregnant mother can practice right from the first month of pregnancy.



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Prenatal / Pregnancy Mediation Techniques:

1. Deep Belly Meditation

Practice this for 5 -10 minutes every day. Do this by gently placing both of your hands on your belly, covering the upper and lower portions. Then, gently move your hands in a circular motion as if you are cradling the baby whilst feeling the warmth and the baby’s movements too. Try to focus on your baby with deep inhales and exhales. If done correctly, there’s a chance of hearing your baby’s heartbeat.

2. Mantra Meditation

Words have power and can easily be translated into actions or situations. For example, words of anger or jealousy can easily result in a situation of failure, and words of happiness and love can result in prosperity. In stressful situations of pregnancy, practice this technique of repeating a mantra slowly and steadily by focusing on your breath. Mantras such as ‘Om,’ ‘Be Strong Mama,’ ‘Breath for Baby’ can help you stay strong and distract you from your discomforts.

3. Relax Your Third Eye

Focus on the space between your eyebrows. This space is called your third eye and is known to have a presence of a tremendous light that produces hormones which control your energy levels. Opt to apply slight pressure with your thumb and index finger on that empty space. as there be. Doing so will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Labor Mediation Techniques:

1. Deep Breathing

Deep and slow breathing will help instill positive energy. It helps to create a sense of calmness and allows the mother to remain strong and bear the pain. It helps the mother control her senses and get ready to deliver the baby. This technique is generally practiced during the first stage of labor when the contractions have just begun. It helps the mother to get prepared for the final labor.

2. Fast & Short Breathing

This breathing technique is ideally done towards the final stage of labor where the objective is that with every contraction the cervix opens more. Use rapid inhales and exhales for this technique. Because you would be so tired during the last stage of labor, try to use both your nose and mouth for this technique. You may take a break of a few seconds and resume normal breathing.

3. Imagination

This is a very powerful technique where the mother focuses on pleasurable imaginations instead of labor pain. She may also try to imagine how her baby looks like and the feeling of finally holding him or her. However, many believe that imagining the lotus flower ‘lotus’ is most effective as it symbolizes peace and positivity.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a beautiful and life-changing experience. It is amazing to know that mediation can help relieve the stress and anxiety during this experience and make it more beautiful, and peaceful. For receiving the best results, a pregnant mother should practice mediation right before conceiving up to the final stage of labor.

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