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Yoga Makes Your Day

Tips to Start your day like a yogi

Many people think that Yoga is only about Asanas. However, the truth is that the physical exercises are a part of the spiritual routine that yogis follow. The routine comprises cleansing exercises and rituals that can help you in transforming and cleansing your body inside out. You can also imbibe some of these tips in your daily routine to start the day like a yogi! Following these routines will cleanse your system and improve your overall health!

Drink warm water

The ability to digest is called Agni in Ayurveda. It is an important measure that helps in determining the health of a person. When our digestion system isn’t performing as it should, our body becomes slow and sluggish. We can also begin to lose concentration and experience insomnia. To aid digestion, drinking warm water right after you wake up helps to flush out toxins. Ayurvedic scriptures say that this simple ritual helps in healing many other conditions including eye disease, earaches, headaches, hemorrhoids, and sore throats. Therefore, start drinking a glass of warm water after you wake and you will soon notice a difference in your digestive system.

Tongue Scraping 

Tongue scraping involves the ayurvedic ritual of cleansing your tongue. Use a scraper to cleanse off bacteria from the surface of your tongue. These scrapers can be found in most pharmacies. However, you can also use a spoon for serving the same purpose. It is said that your tongue has a build-up of bacteria, which needs to be cleaned as it is believed that it can contribute to the feeling of hunger, weight gain and bloating. Removing this build-up every morning can reduce the number of toxins from entering your body.

Eye Wash

Take some water in your hands by cupping them and them bring your eyes down and blink into it. Repeat the procedure a few times. By doing this, you will provide your eyes with the required moisture that is necessary for the eyes. It also helps remove toxins from the eyes and cleanses them to improve vision. This practice helps in sharpening the vision and works on ajna chakra thereby leaving you refreshed every morning.

Sesame Oil Massage

Massaging with sesame oil is another ritual followed by yogis. This involves rubbing a little sesame oil behind the ears and jaw. You can also apply it to your neck, your armpits, your shoulders and behind your knees. You should experience a warm sensation in your body when you are rubbing the oil. After a few minutes, remove the oil by taking a hot shower. By doing this, you can improve concentration, help improve joint pain and even calm your body and mind. Overall, this ritual is a great way to kickstart your day.

After all these rituals, start your day by doing chain exercises like pranayama, Surya namaskar and other poses, such as Trikonasana (triangular pose), Balasana (child pose) and Ustasana (camel pose). A combination of Yogasanas, along with the above-mentioned rituals, will help you extensively in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

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