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Yoga for Back Pain

Certain yoga poses are a great way to relieve back pain. There are some simple stretches to relieve your back pain, target pain in your neck and shoulders, as well as relieve pain in your lower back as well.

Yoga stretches can help improve your range of motion in the back area including the spine, increase your flexibility, and help alleviate back pain. The more often you practice these stretches the faster you will get results and also prevent future back pain from occurring.

Remember to consult your doctor if you have a serious back condition. If you feel more pain when doing any of the following poses immediately stop doing them. These poses are not designed to cause any pain, so if you do feel some, make sure you stop because that could cause you more harm.

Get Seated: Wearing cozy yoga leggings, start from a comfortable seated position. You can sit cross-legged you feel more comfortable. Just make sure that you can lengthen your spine nice and tall. Bring your hands right on top of your knees.

Side Stretch: Bring your left hand onto the floor beside you sweep your right arm up and over. Stretch the right side of your body. Think about reaching your fingertips far away. Meanwhile, root down through the right side of your hip instead of simply collapsing through the spine as you reach over. Repeat on the other side and breathe deeply as you rest your gaze on one point in the room.


Seated Twist: Bring your right hand across to your right knee. Reach your left fingertips behind you. Sit up nice and tall so you lengthen your spine. As you ready twist to the left. Turn your gaze all the way over your left shoulder so your neck is still a part of this twist. Gently unwind, back through center. Repeat on the other side.



Tabletop Spinal Twist: Come to a neutral tabletop position with your shoulders stacked directly over your wrists and your hips stacked directly over your knees. Plant your weight into your left hand. Sweep your right arm and hand up. Then scoop your right fingertips underneath your left arm. Come all the way down to the floor to your shoulder. This is a nice stretch for the backs of your shoulders in between your shoulder blades. Breathe and let the tension in the back soften. Plant the weight into the palm touching the floor and reverse the arm that swept under until you’re back in tabletop pose.

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