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Yoga Poses That Will Keep Athletes Free From Injury

In case you have a passion for sports, you know that you can acquire injuries through the imbalance of your biometric and repetitive motions. But in case you are practicing yoga, you have a powerful tool that can prevent injuries. Yoga teaches us to have a higher awareness of our body. With this awareness, we will be able to properly determine the part of our body that is more likely to acquire injury and address it immediately. Your sports training method will lead to muscle tension, restricted motion and limited power that can lead to injury. Furthermore, yoga is a mixture of passive and active stretching that will keep you free from injury.

Common Injuries that Athletes Experience

In this article, we will tackle the common injuries that are experienced by the athletes, their symptoms and the yoga poses that can help in preventing them.

Plantar Fasciitis

Probably, one of the most common foot injuries that athletes are experiencing today is plantar fasciitis. This is an inflammation on our plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is basically the group of tissue that is attached to our toe and heel bone and extends to our sole. Tightness on our calf muscle, ankle and Achilles tendon and constant striking using our feet can lead to stress. This will result to inflammation and micro tear. Plantar fasciitis should be treated, or it can lead to bone spurs which can cause pain on our back, hip and knee. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis include an excessive pain on our heels that is usually worst during the morning.

The yoga pose that you can use to prevent plantar fasciitis include sole stretch, Supta Padangusthana, and Sucirandhrasana. It will help in stretching and extending the tissues found in our sole and the rear portion of our legs. This will help immensely in reducing the tension in our plantar fascia.

Ilioitibial Band Syndrome

The pain in the knee that most athletes feel can be an irritation in our IT (Iliotibial) band. This band is a fibrous element, and the source of the problem would be the surrounding muscles. In most cases, the muscles found in our hip that is connected with the IT band will experience muscle tension. This can affect the gliding ability of the IT band and limit the mobility of our hip. The pain that one feels is located on the outer part of our knee that will extend to our thigh, hip and calf muscles. Uttanasana, Anjaneyasana, and Supta Gomukhasana are some of the yoga poses that can prevent this injury that can affect your mobility. This will keep the IT band and the enclosed tissue to remain flexible and more resistant to injury and friction.

Relaxing with the help of Yoga is definitely the best way to prevent injuries. In yoga, we will be able to relax the parts of our body and loosen the muscle tension. This guide will not just be useful for the athletes but also for people who spend their entire day sitting in front of the computer.

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